The I’iwi, or Scarlet Honey Creeper is a spectacular bird that ancient Hawaiians often used when making feather capes.  The feathers were a symbol of power and prestige. This image was captured in Haleakala National Park on the island of Maui. These birds come out of the thick brush in the early morning hours looking for something to eat after a long cold night. It is a beautiful sight to see these birds fluttering about as they collect morsels to sustain them for another day on the mauna (mountain).

Our Photo Clutches are an Ilihia Hawaii exclusive! Our original images have been Sublimated on durable nylon material, then sewn into clutches measuring approximately 6.5” high x 10” wide. These zippered bags are made with nylon material throughout. There are a couple of pockets on the interior to hold Id’s, credit-cards and other essentials. Interested in having us create a custom design of your own? Custom designed Photo Clutches are $40 each. The minimum order is 50 bags. Email us at ilihiahawaii@gmail.com to discuss design ideas.

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