Kelly Desha
Kelly Desha

Ilihia Hawaii was born from the desire to combine art with a deep love and respect for nature; and an equal desire to share the beauty of Hawaii with the world.

Works from my expanding portfolio have been featured on websites, and printed publications (including “Contemplations:  2017” Engagement Calendar.  Published by Joel S. Goldsmith) and various galleries in Hawaii (including Patrick Chingʻs Naturally Hawaiian Gallery).  In addition, I have had photography and jewelry commissions from the Americaʻs, Asia, and Europe.

Born and raised in Hawaii and of part Hawaiian ancestry, I am a true keiki o ka  aina (child of the land).  I chose the name Ilihia for my business as one way to honor my late Grandmother, Violet Ilihia Desha.  In addition, Ilihia translates to stricken with awe, and perfectly describes the feeling many have said they get when viewing my work.  Outside of informal courses, I do not have any professional training in photography, jewelry design or art. I simply keep my eyes and soul open to the possibilities in nature and create what feels pono (right).

Due to the popular demand for my photographs and my desire to be different, I created a unique line of photo clutchʻs featuring my original photography.  Images that I capture illustrates that there is mana (energy) in everything, and that energy unites us all.  These exclusive “wearable art” products are exclusive to Ilihia Hawaii.

Just as my photography is nature inspired, my jewelry instills a sense of nature as well. I often use handpicked shells and beach glass in my pieces.  I am the creator of Ilihia Hawaiʻiʻs Signature design Glass Floatearrings and necklaces.  I meticulously hand weave and knot each piece that I make.  The necklaces are made using 12 strands of woven Nylon cord.  I then nestle a “glass float”, handpicked shell, beach glass, pearl or other special object into hand-knotted netting for the necklace pendant and earrings.  I am also the creator of “Beach In A Bottle” pendants and earrings.  These are craft bottles filled with extra tiny handpicked shells and beach glass.

Lauray Contributor
Lauray – Contributor

It takes a lot of time and energy to create such beautiful works. The truth is, I simply cannot do it all alone.  With this in mind, I must send out a big mahalo piha (humble thanks) to my talented friends and volunteers: Lauray, Mary, Kaulu, and Brande for helping to keep things running smoothly when I am too busy to do it myself.  Thank goodness for their creative minds and willingness to help without expecting anything in return.  This is why, although I am the sole owner of Ilihia Hawaii, you will often hear me say “us” versus “me” when referring to the business.  It takes a village to keep our customers happy!

Let us all aloha (love) and malama (care for) the aina (land).  We should all have a profound respect for nature as is the source of all that sustains us.

Aloha ke kahi i ke kahi (love one another).